Financial Openness, Bank Capital Flows and the Effectiveness of Macroprudential Policies

主讲人: Hao Jin

Assistant Professor, School of Economics and Wang Yanan Institute for Study in Economics, Xiamen University.


We study the macroeconomic and welfare implications of macroprudential policies in a small open economy DSGE model with cross-border bank financing. Consistent with the empirical evidence, our model shows macroprudential policies that regulate the leverage of banks lower the growth in credit during economic booms, but result in more cross-border bank borrowing. This composition shift partially offsets the leverage constraint so that macroprudential policies are less effective in financially more integrated economies. 

时间: 2017-12-20(Wednesday)12:30-13:30
地点: N302, Econ Building
期数: BBS in Finance
类型: 独立讲座