Institutional Layers and Technological Strata: An Integrated Model

主讲人: Claude Menard

CV: Upload/File/2018/7/20180703031839108.pdf

主持人: Cheryl Long

Abstract: This model is about the alignment/misalignment between technological systems and institutional layers. It is based on an extensive study of network infrastructures. Blackouts in electric systems, repeated train accidents, disruptions and delays in underground transportation, faults in communication systems in emergency services, provide examples of failures resulting from misalignment between technological requirements and institutional supports needed for economic systems to work. On a more positive side, the spectacular development of information and communication technologies and of internet illustrates the emergence of technological innovations that already reshape our economic environment with highly demanding adaptation in regulatory institutions. The model explores this alignment/misalignment issue through a representation of institutions and technologies as composed of distinct layers that command different modalities of coordination. Several examples substantiate the model which can be viewed as a significant extension of the New Institutional approach.  

时间: 2018-07-06(Friday)16:40-18:00
地点: N301, Econ Building
主办单位: SOE&WISE
承办单位: 经济学系
类型: 独立讲座