Optimal Mirrleesian Taxation and Human Capital Investment

主讲人: 陈明郎

陈明朗现为台湾中央研究院经济研究所研究员(终身职)。本硕毕业于台湾大学经济系,博士毕业于美国加州大学洛杉矶分校。研究领域:经济学。在Journal of Economic TheoryInternational Economic ReviewJournal of Public EconomicsEconomic TheoryReview of Economic Dynamics国际顶级期刊发表17篇学术论文。从1985年至今,在国际学术期刊发表79篇学术论文,出版专著多部。

主持人: 王艺明
This paper studies a dynamic Mirrlees model in which agents can accumulate privately observed human capital through education over the life cycle, but private consumption expenses may be disguised as expenses for education purposes. In this setting, distortions in the resulting constrained efficient allocation are characterized by positive intertemporal wedges, negative intratemporal wedges early and positive intratemporal wedges later in the life cycle. These wedges serve as mechanisms to eliminate information-induced distortions to learning, so agents are deterred from under-investing in human capital, over-saving, and shirking during their life cycle. We also construct a tax system, in which these wedges are represented by linear capital and labor income taxes that can implement constrained efficient allocations as an equilibrium in a market economy.
时间: 2019-06-13(Thursday)12:30-14:00
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期数: 财税名家论坛第七十讲
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